NFIP Flood Mapping Funding Approved

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October 14, 2018
Earlier this month, the Senate voted to approve a $1.4 trillion spending package that will fund the federal government through the end of September 2020. In addition to containing an extension of the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) until September 30, 2020; the spending bill also includes $263 million for flood mapping. Advisers to the President have indicated he will sign it.
Why is this a big deal? Earlier this year, the House of Representatives supported a spending level for flood mapping of $263 million in their budget legislation. In September, The Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) learned that the Senate had proposed to cut $115 million from the flood mapping budget.  In October, ASFPM issued a call to action to all of our members, chapters and states.  ASFPM also worked with many of their national partners to send coalition letters on behalf of our members in November and December. The result? Instead of the typical splitting of the difference down the middle, the Senate agreed to the higher House number! Not only is this highly unusual, but it is a testament to what we know is true – good flood mapping is essential if we are going to have any success in reducing flood damage in the nation.
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