TSE Bought a Goat?!

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May 25, 2016
March 8, 2017

In October of 2015 our friend Caitlin, a missionary with Hydromissions international, came to us about purchasing a goat for a Haitian family. Our support helps provide goats and livestock training to students in Marbial, Haiti; provide clean water and latrines in San Antonio, Guatemala; and provide latrines in La Cumbre, El Salvador.

Why a Goat?

A goat can provide so much for each family, starting with nutrition from their milk, which can be directly consumed or made into cheese and other dairy products. Soaps and lotions can also be produced from the goat’s milk and sold in the market. The goat can also produce income from successfully breeding and selling the offspring, a single goat can produce 2-3 kids (baby goats) per year. The families can also utilize the natural fertilizer that the goat produces for their gardens, which provides most of their food.


You can learn more about Caitlin and her work by checking out www.howmanycows.com